Today is the day, I think

The Reds have been the victim of tough losses the last two days. We have played well out West in this series; despite now dropping 13 of our last 20 games. People’s attention has been distracted by the 105 MPH heater of the Cuban sensation Aroldis Chapman, and rightfully so. It was supposively ‘the fastest pitch ever’. But it’s time to get back to winning.

This whole slide can be attributed to the big four cooling off: Joey Votto (by way of sinus infection – although he’s still had a decent couple weeks by most standards), Jay Bruce (shuffling in and out of the lineup), Scott Rolen (he just looks tired) and Brandon Phillips (regression to the median).

All that said, I have a feeling that today is the day, even with the magic number sitting at 2. I’ve been saying Sunday all along; and today I think the Cardinals lose late and the Reds rally to celebrate their first postseason clinch in 15 years–probably while I’m half focused on the NFL.