Jose Bautista joins the 50 home run club

In a league where so much is about the young stars of this game, it’s fittingly an unknown commodity at age 29 that pops up out of nowhere and has a 50 home run season. Bautista did it in a 1-0 game off a legitimate ace under the afternoon Canada sun.

In the same game, Ichiro Suzuki collected his 200th hit becoming the first player in Major League history to begin a career with 10 straight 200-hit seasons. Felix Hernandez also fell to 12-12 on the season, failing to get a run or less for the 5th time in a loss this season.

God forbid Bautista fails to hit 20 next year like he has his entire career. Our general feeling is that he’s probably clean, but he’s a guy who does look fairly cut and just because he is a lean muscle type guy doesn’t necessarily mean he’s completely clean. With everything else, time should tell the story on Jose Bautista.