The end for Jim Edmonds

Last night might have been the end of the line for Jim Edmonds. Edmonds is a guy who you’d expect to go out homering in his last at-bat, after coming back from an oblique injury that would have ended things for most human 40 year old ballplayers.

If thats the case, his career is likely over. He has been leaning toward retiring after this season.

Edmonds left the game with what called a strained lower right leg. He said felt something pop in his foot as he ran the bases after a second inning home run. Hes been dealing with an Achilles problem all year.

In last night’s nip and tuck 4-3 win in Milwaukee, Edmonds’ homer made all the difference. You’d hope if this is indeed the end of Edmonds career, that the Reds realize the value he brought to the 2010 Reds and try to keep him in the organization in some type of hitting or outfield coach role.

Also, I wasn’t sure how I’d receive Edmonds as a member of the Reds; but I’m really going to miss his bat in the playoffs. This young roster could have used his moxy, comfort, and experience in the battles that will lie ahead in the postseason.

So as weird as it feels like to say it: thanks Jim Edmonds.