Furthest away from contention? Really?

Remember a few days short of a year ago right now when Buster Olney floated that the Cincinnati Reds were furthest away from contention right now in the entire National League?

Here’s what he said, if you need your memory refreshed:

Just before I started this chat, I got off the phone with an evaluator who thinks that right now, among NL teams, the Reds might be the farthest away from contending. I’m not sure that I disagree. It’s amazing that next year, these four players are lined up to account for about 60 percent of their payroll (if they keep it in place)….Scott Rolen, Francisco Cordero, Bronson Arroyo and Aaron Harang. There is not a lot of future there, and Volquez is probably not going to pitch again until late next season or 2011.

How’s that working out for you? An ‘evaluator’?

Next time just phone me, Buster. I could have told you that we were closer than that.