Ludwick delivers death blow to former mates in St. Louis

Baseball has a way of allowing certain ironies from the past to rear their ugly head. Sometimes you like them, sometimes they come back to bite you, and sometimes you just notice.

Today, fate would have it that Ryan Ludwick returned to his old stomping grounds and his new team battled back from a deficit against his old team in a game both teams needed critically. It was Ludwick’s three-run home run that sealed the fate of the Cardinals. This home run occurred with the game tied at 4 in the top of the 9th inning, and the final score would grow to 8-4.

This was one of those homers that Padres fans will remember for a while if they slip into the postseason; but St. Louis fans will have the bad taste in their mouths for even longer.

This was the final death blow to the Cardinals season. This 3-run bomb to end Saturday’s FOX matinee baseball presentation. Not so much in a sense of the standings; but in a sense of the fact that a guy who was a linchpin in their lineup and clubhouse for many successful teams came back after being traded away and beat them in a game they had to have.

Pennant race September baseball often times has more of these ironies (and drama) that I speak of than any other sport. That’s why I love it.