Buster Olney on Jay Bruce’s glove last night (ESPN)

Buster Olney was on ESPN last night for a segment of Baseball Tonight and he was talking about Jay Bruce’s defense. They were showing ‘the catch’ (should be the only synonymous catch in Reds-lore for a while, so we can call it that) that won the ballgame the other night.

Olney said that he had talked to Jay Bruce (Buster talked to a Reds player? Refreshing!) and Bruce told him that before the 2009 season he knew he had to improve his defense. They were showing replays of the catch the other night and talking about how Bruce improved his defense by doing a lot of anticipating where the ball was going to be hit. Olney said if you watch the play the other night, Bruce got back to the wall and scaled it (more like sprinted on the warning track) which allowed the Reds to in turn add a win to their total.

They then showed that it was the #1 web gem of the night and gave it 7.0/10 Buehrle’s? (I’m out of the loop).

His UZR is 14.0, 43% better than the 2nd best RF, Ichiro. Ichiro has also won 9-straight Gold Glove awards. Again, if Bruce doesn’t win a Gold Glove Award this season, the award no longer holds any weight in my eyes. I’ve watched him play all year and there is no one better (although I haven’t seen Micheal Bourn play a whole lot and I hear he’s unreal in center field in Houston).

More then anything I had to transcribe that they were talking about our boy on ESPN.