A point re-hashed

Just something to remember that I’ve said since the beginning:

When you have a team that is going to be truly special, that team always arrives a year ahead of time. You hear so often in this sport that a team is ‘built for 2013’ or that this year or that year is the year you want to compete. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen it but you cannot pick the year that you want to compete. The year picks you and things fall into place. The Reds are built for many years of success right now, but things fall apart. The only thing we’re guaranteed is right now and today, this year; 2010. The talk has been that 2011 was the year for this team. I think that the Reds went out and did what I’ve been saying all along. They surprised many and arrived a year ahead of schedule. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if this is the best year of contention that they have in the window with all these guys, even if it is filled with multiple playoff runs.

All that is guaraunteed is right now. The Reds are the 2008 Rays re-incarnated. But as you saw with the Rays last season, there’s no promise that they’ll be back the following year. This is our year–as much as any year will be.

And it’s been said many times before but ‘The Future is Now’.