Why in the Willie Bloomquist

Willie Bloomquist makes his debut tonight in the Reds lineup. I’ve got a couple thoughts on this:

-I thought we traded a younger, less shittier version of Willie Worthless Bloomquist last year in Adam Rosales.

-Bloomquist is 0 for 11 lifetime vs. tonight’s starter Tony Saunders. Jay Bruce homered off Saunders about a month ago in Arizona. Bruce is sitting tonight for Bloomquist.

-We traded for Bloomquist a dozen days into September. Beyond the predictable ‘why in the fuck did we do that’, when is the last September trade you remember? I thought there was a waiver deadline! The deadline has to save us from nuggets of shit like Bloomquist! First place team adds an aging guy who has played on nothing but losing teams his entire career for a stretch run instead of healthy young bucks like Danny Dorn or Wladi Balentien.

-He’s a utility guy. Sweet. He’s still shitty. Has a .973 career fielding percentage.

-This is SUCH a LaRussa move! Is it not? It’s so damn much like when he used to stick Adam Kennedy in right field just because.

-We haven’t clinched yet. Dusty, I know you’re getting hard as shit by the day with thoughts of putting Cairo in center field, and Janish at first, and fielding a weird-ass fucking lineup with Jordan Smith playing 2nd base ‘because he played in little league’ but it’s not time yet. We haven’t won yet. Baker and his fetish for these odd ass lineups!