The Sun Sets on Summer 2010

This post should have been written about a week ago just after Labor Day.

As the boys of summer give way to the leaves of fall, you have to reflect back on what a summer it really was. The Reds hung on all through the sun burns and the sweat, and they ended their decade of futility.

I’d say my highlight of this 2010 summer was Jay Bruce off Roy Halladay on June 30th. There were other turning points like Joey Votto’s mother’s day grand slam, but for me that was the day I knew we really had something. Before that, there was gut-wrenching losses to kick off the summer courtesy of Rod Barajas.

This was the summer I got engaged. Saw Stephen Strasburg pitch in person. This was the summer I really grew up. I didn’t stay out as late. Didn’t black out as much.

It’s not always easy maintaining a blog; but it sure does allow you to look back and see how much can occur over a few months, especially when you’re a baseball fan in the summer.

Where were you that July-sticky summer morning that we lost ‘The Boss’? Bob Sheppard left us too.

Baseball was there as the chicken soup all along to comfort us when other sports relented. This was the summer that I realized LeBron James and the NBA were pure garbage.

There’s been heartbreaks and triumphs alike. It’s been great getting to watch Jason Heyward on Cincinnati’s many off-nights. In our visit to the Diamond Club we kicked it with Arthur Rhodes.

I’ll never forget where I was when Jay Bruce hit three out in one night.

All those summer days I spent playing MLB the Show, and getting to watch Aroldis Chapman blow hitters away with his 105 MPH gas. All those trips to the gym that didn’t do much in the same summer that I took up the game of golf and got addicted to it.

Life is good. Baseball is a great game. Looking back, the summer of 2010 was one of the best ever.