A home run smorgus-board from 1990 Sega Games

This is as close to worth 10 minutes of your time as you can get. Put off your to-do list at work to check this out. This is especially if you; like us, were born in the 80’s and grew up in the 90’s.

Look at some of the names in these games! Carney Lansford!

Personally out of here I loved the later RBI Baseball’s and the Tony LaRussa baseball’s. I got Hardball 5 on my computer and skipped a lot of middle school dances because of it. My parents thought I needed to get out more. I was a Hardball addict.

Overall, watching this video should take you back to an era that you remember fondly. An era that sadly, we can never go back to unless it’s for 10 minutes out of our day on a baseball blog whose editor will remind you how golden it was!