Nyjer Morgan is bat-shit looney

A few weeks ago, I attended a game in Cincinnati in the Diamond Seats. I enjoy the Diamond Seat experience because it gives you an up close look at the players and if you look closely enough; you can actually get to know them a little bit.

I remarked after this game that I got a funny feeling about Nyjer Morgan when I looked into his eyes.

After seeing what he did tonight to 6 foot 8 Chris Volstad, there’s no doubt that the man is whacked.

This coming just days after Morgan threw a ball at a heckling fan.

At the :24 second mark, pay particular attention to out of the left side of the screen. Mike Morse (a part time Nationals outfielder and huge dude) comes in red-hot. My guess is Morse was hitting down below in the tunnel and saw what was happening on the monitor. That or he was taking a piss. When he saw it, he decided he wanted to come out swinging. Props to Gabby Sanchez for landing the best blow of the fracas.

Why do I feel like someday down the road when Morgan’s baseball career is over, he ends up being some type of hired hit man or in jail for putting someone in the hospital? I’m telling you, I got a bad vibe from the dude.