Reds call up Cuban Lefty Aroldis Chapman and his heat

I was out on the golf course last night probably hitting a sliced drive when the Reds announced that Aroldis Chapman was coming to the big leagues today.

And has there ever been a better time to be a Reds fan? Life is good. Here we are in the midst of a pennant race, and we get to add a guy to the bullpen who has been consistently hitting triple digits on the radar gun.

Chapman’s debut will be just as special as the other uber-prospects that have been up in recent years, but it will be a debut that is not able to be predicted ‘when’. I would expect it to come in one of the next two ballgames though; because the Reds pen has been worked pretty hard lately.

Thinking back to our thoughts on when the Reds signed this kid; who knew that he wouldn’t be here until the day until September? We’ve done all of this without his nuclear fastball. Wow, the future is bright barring something unforeseen.

And in his honor tonight, I’ll sit on my porch and smoke one of these. There is no finer cigar than that of a Cohiba from Cuba. It’s smooth, but with just the right amount of strength to it. I’ve got two that are the size of donkey-dicks sitting on my dresser right now because they’re too big for my humidor! So I figure after the Reds win again tonight, I’ll take the hour or so necessary to finish one of these bad boys in honor of Aroldis Chapman.

Welcome to the show, and good luck kid.

Update: For those of you who haven’t seen it yet……