Sweet Lou Piniella calls it a career today

Lou Piniella was the manager of the Cincinnati Reds when I discovered the game of baseball. He won his only World Series title in 1990, and even though the Reds were only on FOX 28 a handful of times when I was a kid, I still have images of him going bat-shit on the umpires and throwing bases when a call didn’t go his way en route to an early shower.

His legendary tantrums continued. I remember one night he accidentally kicked his hat into the stands at Jacobs Field when managing the Mariners. It was like he got so pissed off the wind got pissed off with him and worked into his favor. The crowd erupted in laughter as Lou sauntered off the field.

Today, in about a half hour Lou Piniella will put on a Major League uniform for the last time. Piniella might not have been a great manager, but he’s became a legend of the game without a doubt.

I’ll miss Piniella being part of this great game I love. This story at Deadspin pretty much sums up Piniella. The old manager who has seen it all in baseball. The old manager who the game had slowly passed by. Just another artifact who has seen so much and known so many in this game of history.

Thanks for the memories Lou. This blogger will miss you just being a part of it all.