"You said your name was Don? Sure, Dave. I’ll take a picture"

This picture is going to your sister you say? Your wife is gonna love it! It’s always great to have fans all over the state of Ohio, from multiple sports and multiple fan bases. Excuse me, this is Ohio isn’t it? That’s right. It is Ohio.

What’s that? You want me to sign the photo? Sure, I’ll sign your hat. You’ll have to excuse me; I mean I’ll sign your photo. I thought I said that. It’s not a problem at all.

Hey, did you see the Cincinnati Cyclones game last night? They won by a score of 6 to 5. I said that! I said they won 6 to 3 didn’t I? Yes, I’m talking about baseball. I said Cincinnati Reds. You’ll have to excuse me, I was sure I said Reds.

Great season that Jerry Votto is having. And the rotation for those Redlegs! Jessie Cueto, Eric Volquez, Bobby Arroyo, Mel Leake, and even the Wood kid. I’m shocked for how well Wood has pitched for a 10-year veteran. I’ll tell you, Billy Larkin would really be proud of this organization now.

I was there the night that Billy Larkin got hit number 4192. I’ll tell you what, the atmosphere out in California was intense that night for it being a road game. It was almost as intense as the night I saw David Wells retire 29 straight batters to get his perfect game at Yankee Stadium.

Say, you want to grab me a beer out of that cooler over there? Go ahead, Bud Light is my favorite. Smooth, clean, refreshing taste. I remember when I had my first Miller Lite. I was 19 years old. Yeah, I said to grab me a Heineken. Are you not paying attention or something? What kind of fan are you anyways? Amstel Light! Have to watch my calories even on these light beers. Plus Amstel is my favorite.

Well, fudge. I just remembered I locked my keys in the car. What’s that? Oh that’s right I took the team bus. Well I should be getting on my way. I need to get a change of clothes out of my car.