Tonight's Reds lineup is shit

I want you all to take a look at the lineup tonight against Florida’s Josh Johnson. I want to tell you something that drives me crazy about Dusty Baker. Notice how he has Jim Edmonds hitting 5th and Jay Bruce hitting 6th?

That’s foolish.

All year long, a guy who was projected to hit between 25-30 home runs and be a great offensive player for you has been lackluster. No one really seems to know why that is. I can tell you this though, he’s NEVER going to come out of it while hitting with protection like Paul Janish, Ryan Hanigan, Ramon Hernandez, and whatever else the cat drags in.

Let Bruce hit 2nd; with Votto after him. Watch his production soar. Let him hit 5th even, because the 40 year old Jim Edmonds’ protection is better then what Bruce has had basically all year.

What the fuck good does it do to put Laynce Nix 2nd, and Jim Edmonds 5th?

That’s a horse shit lineup that I’d bet will yield horse shit results. I’ve been saying it all year. Give Bruce a chance to develop. The Reds and Johnny B. Baker haven’t fully done that yet.