Throwing it around

Today is the day that Madden NFL 11 comes out. I have it, and the game doesn’t hold a candle to MLB ’10 the Show. Not a candle still convinced that’s the greatest game of all time based on a variety of factors including sheer game play. I’m getting sick as a dog, so that’s good. Here’s the links of the day:

-A good post about the firing of Don Wakamatsu, and what a mess the M’s are. [Joe Posnanski]
-Full story on Brandon Phillips hating the Cardinals. Hal McCoy has the scoop. [The Real McCoy]
-The Brewers wanted Chris Dickerson because they have him for four more years at least. [Milwaukee JS Brewers Blog]
-The Washington Nationals have a ring of honor at Nats Park. [DC Sports Blog]
-The best pitchers of the past decade. [Baseball Prospectus]
-A trip to Pittsburgh that ended with a walk-off dong by Pedro Alvarez. [Walkoff Walk]