Opening Day 2011 to fall on a Friday?

Something that we’re really excited about here at Diamond Hoggers: Opening Day 2011 being moved to a Friday.

Major League Baseball, trying to avoid having long underwear as part of its players’ postseason apparel, is planning to start the 2011 season in earnest on Friday, April 1 – three days earlier than the traditional Monday opener.

It would be the first time a majority of teams start the season on a Friday since 1905, according to the Elias Sports Bureau.

Personally, there’s a few reasons we’d love it. It would eliminate that brutal off-day in the schedule after waiting all winter and then seeing game 1 on the season. Second, you get all weekend to enjoy the opening weekend in baseball. Third, nothing is worse then the drive home from Cincinnati or your big league city knowing that you’re going back to work in a few short hours.