Gambling, it's important to me

Which is why it’s important to know about the best sportsbook during the Major League Baseball season. Why lie? Diamond Hoggers endorses BetUS as the official sportsbook of Diamond Hoggers Baseball Blog. I’ve placed hundreds of bets on the site myself. Sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose–the only guarantee is you’ll become more passionate about the results of Houston vs. Pittsburgh in September.

With that said, if you’re thinking of laying down a bet of who is going to be in the World Series this year, I might back off my early pick of Tampa Bay. If you’ll remember, I told you at season’s beginning that they were going to win the World Series. They’re going to make the playoffs as a wild card, but you have to ask yourself if you think they’re powerful enough to get past the mighty Yankees. I think the winner of that ALCS series wins the World Championship.

As for the National league, I still like the Atlanta Braves. I have been saying Atlanta all year. I even said Atlanta when they were on a long 8 or 9 game losing streak earlier this year.

If you stick with those three teams in your long-term World Series betting; you should feel comfortable about your odds.

Now why do we endorse BetUS for baseball betting?

Here is the biggest reason why:

In addition to making the standard Moneyline, Over/Under or Run Line wager, MLB gamblers across the globe should know that there are at least two more excellent betting routes to what could potentially be a plethora of? payday-producing MLB picks.

That’s right baseball bettors, BetUS has all the bases covered (pardon the pun) by offering MLB gamblers the most bettor-friendly Runs, Hits and Errors (R+H+E) betting odds in the online sports wagering industry.

In addition to this fun-filled betting method, avid MLB bettors can also cash in by nailing one of the Alternate Run Line odds that generally accompany every MLB game on the board.

Making an R+H+E wager is a fairly simple wager MLB bettors and one that can be very profitable when you do your homework. Think of the R+H+E wager as a props pick in NFL football.

MLB bettors may see a R+H+E line that may look something like this.

Milwaukee Brewers
Pittsburgh Pirates
Over R+H+E 27? -115
Under R+H+E 27? -115

In this instance, MLB bettors needs to figure out how many combined runs, hits and errors the Brewers and Pirates will combine for, and pick either the Over or Under.

Baseball bettors may also see individual R+H+E lines for each team, where they will pick the combined total for each individual ballclub.

Alternative Run Line betting allows you to flip the odds in your favor.

Milwaukee Brewers -1? -105
Pittsburgh Pirates +1? -115

The Alternate run line wager will flip-flop these odds, making the underdog Pirates the favorite by 1.5 runs and the formerly favored Milwaukee Brewers the underdog giving them 1.5 runs.

Milwaukee Brewers +1? -340
Pittsburgh Pirates -1? +240

This form of alternate run line betting is best used when dealing with teams grossly overlooked by oddsmakers in the match-up.