Arthur Rhodes, kicking it at the Diamond Club during last night’s rain delay

So last night we’re waiting out a 2-hour rain delay (a first in my life) and we’re in the Diamond Club watching ‘The Homestand: Milwaukee Brewers’ and the story of the 1990 Reds, and in comes Arthur Rhodes.

There were about 5 ladies in the Diamond Seats last night who happened to be the Reds team charter flight attendants. These ladies are like the players mothers away from home, as it was described to me.

Also noted, Brandon Phillips is a little prankster. You see that door that Rhodes is headed out of at :25 into the video? That’s the tunnel back to the team clubhouse. Brandon Phillips continued to crack open that ’emergency exit’ during the entire rain delay and just peek through barely. A few times he’d open it up completely and everyone would yell “what’s up B-Phil” and he’d open it a little more and smile. Overall, our boy is about 28 going on five and you have to love him for it.

As for Arthur Rhodes, he’s a bad man.