Jason Werth; an asshole, Cusses out a Glass Dad

Last night you might have seen Jayson Werth (baseball’s biggest dickhead) go off on this glass dad. I actually missed it. A buddy told me about it, and now it’s here forever so we can enjoy it together.

Jayson Werth goes after this foul pop fly; now granted it’s 12th inning in a tie game and if he catches it the inning is over. He reaches into the stands and a fan who merely stands up and doesn’t have to even move from where he is in position to catch the foul pop and does–Werth reaches in and can’t make the catch–since the fans hands are just a little higher than his. Well Werth gets pissed and tells the guy to “get the fuck out of the way” right in front of the guys 10ish, 12ish year old son who you know he was trying to get the ball for.

Werth is pretty much one of the worst human beings in the big leagues. Someday when the fame is gone, his ugly ass is going to have nothing to show for his big league careers except some memories, some money, and probably a nice case of gonorrhea.

< Same situation only the player involved is Ichiro Suzuki. He misses the ball and bumps into a girl in the stands, immediately apologizes and then sends the girl a gift pak with a t-shirt, autographed ball and god knows what else.

Jayson, when you see this post; eat shit and die. Like, now.