These Reds and MLB are a breath of fresh air

Tonight at 6 PM ET on the MLB Network, it will be anounced who won the MLB Final Vote to send two last players to the All-Star Game.

Three hours later, LeBron James will become the most hated son of a bitch in my history of sports. It’s a done deal. The cocksucker, traitor bastard that calls himself ‘King James’ is going to Miami. What he’s done to his fans in Cleveland is nothing short of a sporting-sin. You heard me.

There is a connection here. LeBron James has evolved from that humble high school kid from Saint Vincent St. Mary High School into the ego-maniac that he is today. The innocence got lost in all the fame and all the bright lights.
There is something refreshing about our Reds here in 2010. That’s why I found myself clicking away at the Final Vote on until they said I was no longer eligible to vote (there was a 4 P.M. ET deadline).
Someone said to me that someday, the Votto’s, the Bruce’s, the Leake’s and so forth will all possibly have their contract disputes and leave for greener pastures and more money.
These guys I root for, my guys; on my Reds, they’re not attention whores. They’re laid-back good old boys playing the greatest game on earth. There’s not (and when I think back to A-Rod, Manny, Albert Belle, Jim Thome, etc. I start to doubt my statement) as much bullshit going on in our great American ballgame as what goes on with the hunny-humpin’ billionaire ballers of the NBA.
Today, I’m damn proud to be a fan of the small-market Reds, baseball, and our innocent assed players.
I honestly cannot wait to turn my back on King James and the entire NBA, this was the last straw and only excuse I needed.
I’ve still got my NFL season (which I hear is full of stat-grabbers anyway), I’ve still got my NCAA football Saturdays, and by-God I still have my MLB; with guys like Joey Votto, Jay Bruce, Jason Heyward, and all the other good-old boys that fill our roster.
Thank God for that.