The Weekend Take: Back from Vacation, sort of

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend. There were three big pieces of Cincinnati Reds news over the weekend. Personally, we decided to take the weekend off because a) it was a holiday, and b) we were feeling a little bit under the weather.

-Congrats to Brandon Phillips, Scott Rolen, and Arthur Rhodes on giving the Reds a sparkling representation at the All-Star Game a week from today.

-The Reds are interested in Cliff Lee.

Vote Votto. Because Charlie Manuel is a clueless, bumbling sack of shit; the MVP of the first half in the National League is left off the team and has to wade through a Final Vote while guys like Omar Infante reportedly earned the All-Star selection in ‘one at-bat’.

Reds are playing great ball right now. I hope no one minds the absence. We’ll be poking our heads in sporadically this week as time permits but overall we’re taking the week as a break and gearing up for the second half of the season.

We’ll be back in full-service mode for All-Star Workout day next Monday and have some All Star Game goodies as well.

We’ll also be twittering, so if you like that kind of thing; follow us.

-And now Peter Gammons is saying that “Rumblings around St. Pete ballpark was a BJ Upton-Cliff Lee deal. 3-way?” Business is about to pick up.