Cincinnati Baseball's New King

In the past, we’ve been hard on Joey Votto. We won’t get into how we’ve been short on him, but we’ve definitely made him earn this post.

Now that Votto is seemingly at the center of the baseball universe, it’s probably time to go ahead and crown him the King of Cincinnati baseball. He’s having a special season. A season that will be remembered long into the future. Similar to Sean Casey’s 1999 season.

After two more home runs in last night’s 8-6 victory, he’s quietly settling in for a triple crown run in the second half. Currently, he’s at .318 with 21 HR and 59 RBI.

Here’s the word from someone who watched Votto play baseball in High School growing up in Canada. He offered some insight as to why our boy is thriving in this 2010 season and as to why when it comes time for the Reds to pony up some money for a contract extension; Votto might elect to stay home in Cincinnati rather then the brighter lights and ‘greener pastures’ of New York, Boston, or Los Angeles.

Joey didn’t enjoy the spotlight, that he is happy to be out of Canada and not seen as an elite Canadian baseball player playing in Canada. Seeing Votto play back then, you wouldn’t have guessed that he’d turn into the player that he’s become now.

I think Joey likes being in an ensemble cast, but he wouldn’t thrive with being “the man”.

You know what? The sweet swing of this canuck and his panther-like build is enough to make him our franchise player. He is the best player in the Reds lineup and the consumate #3 hole hitter that you want in there day in and day out.

Can’t wait to see what his final numbers end up like. I’m at the point now where I just love watching the guy hit.