The Baseball Show returns with some Mets Fans

In honor of our series opening up Monday night at Citi Field (and you know damn well how we feel about Citi Field and why), we’ll be interviewing Jason Fry and Greg Prince of Faith and Fear in Flushing, an incredible New York Mets blog on The Baseball Show.

They’ve done some really cool posts and have been linked here several times. Some work that Reds fans might enjoy would be the chronicle of their first visit to Great American Ball Park. They were less than impressed.

We’ll pick their brain about the upstart 2010 Mets. The Mets and Reds could be in competition for the Wild Card. We’ll talk Darryl Strawberry. We’ll talk baseball. We’ll talk blogs. We’ll get you ready for the three game set in New York. It should be a great time. Join us Monday here on the blog for The Baseball Show by Diamond Hoggers.