The Biggest Win in Cincinnati Baseball since 1999

Last night I went home and just tried to be with the moment. The Reds had came back from a 3-0 deficit to beat one of the best pitchers in the game. They came back and beat the 2-time reigning National League Champions. This was one of those moments that has some major staying power. It was a game that people will talk about for years. My friends and acquaintances who were present at the ball park are lucky people.
The summer is in that period non-baseball fans consider the ‘dog days’. We’re in the meat of the season. This wasn’t an April win. We’re now into July. We’re a month of baseball away from August–which is a crucial junction in the baseball season.
I just took yesterday and soaked it all in. Yesterday’s game was a game in which people from around the league–not just fans of the Reds–might have took notice and said to themself “there just might be something special going on in Cincinnati this year”.
It was the Reds 25th win in their last at-bat.
“We have a good time,” Bruce said. “We have a blast. We have a lot of guys here who now how to win and have won. It’s almost like when we do it – it’s always a delight and surprising – but it’s not like it’s a true shock because we’ve been there before and we’ve doing it since day one. We don’t feel like we’re ever out of it.”
I went home and watched 61* with a friend. I thought about our Reds. Our 2010 Reds. There’s a part in the movie where the Yankees skipper Ralph Houk talks about legends of the game actually being bigger then the game at some points. Can the Reds become one of those special stories? Will they have their place in history? Last night felt a little bit like those pennant races of my childhood. You know, 1990, 1995, 1999. Except back then we’d catch the score on the bottom line of channels like CNN and then head outside to play ball in the front yard until mom rang the dinner bell. And we didn’t have to work full-time. And we didn’t have bills to pay. The stresses of life weren’t so great.
But that’s the beautiful thing about a game like the Reds win yesterday. It takes you back to those carefree moments of your childhood. Those moments to when guys like Chris Sabo was a God. Or when Pokey Reese hit the 3-run home run in late-September 1999 off Ricky Bottalico to walk off against the Cardinals. I’m glad I got to experience yesterday as a Reds fan, as a baseball fan.
If the Reds don’t win another game this season, they’ve given us our fair share of high points. Yesterday’s afternoon affair was definitely the apex.