July 31st – Reds/Braves on FOX Saturday Baseball

I’ve been wanting to go to Cincinnati on this date, July 31st 2010 pretty much since the schedule came out so I could get my first look at the rookie phenom Jason Heyward.

I was since informed by my fiance that I cannot go to the game that day. I have been ordered to go to a couples baby shower that day and if I choose to go to the game instead; it’s the type of thing she’ll fucking cry and whine about until the point that I can’t even suffer. I’m screwed.

That said, things might be okay. I received a recent e-mail informing me that the Reds/Braves game on that date has been picked up by the FOX Network; which means we’ll get the 3:30 national spot of the week that day.

That’s beyond awesome. I’ve waited all year to watch the Reds on FOX Saturday baseball. I’ll make it a nice little Saturday. Wake up early. Get some coffee. Go give some hitting lessons. Get home from the pool just in time to catch This Week in Baseball which airs right before. Then I’ll get to settle in before the dual-sex baby shower (who ever heard of such a thing) and watch my Reds kick some ass heading into august.

Do you guys remember what happened the last time these two teams hooked up on a FOX Saturday baseball? Someone shit on Manny Acosta.