Dibble v. Ray Knight

You have former Nasty Boy Rob Dibble and former New York Met and Cincinnati Red Ray Knight duking it out over Stephen Strasburg–initially. The debate gets going over whether or not Strasburg threw too many strikes in his last start, a 1-0 loss in which he struck out nine.

Pretty soon viewers can see that Rob Dibble wants to make this about him; which he often tries to do.

“I got MVP of the Playoffs,”

Really dude, you’re going to play that card? Dibble is such a doucher. Just a mope on the air isn’t he? He single-handedly made me stop listening to baseball talk shows on the air. Dude, your career wasn’t much.

The argument quickly loses steam because Ray Knight is a pretty nice guy, and complements Dibble’s fastball. Dibs, you are SUCH a bad ass dude.

I’ll never forget the spring training game I attended down in Winter Haven in which Dibs threw 34 pitches, only 2 for strikes. I’ve seen Dibble pitch, the fuck does he know about mechanics and pitching? He was a thrower.

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