Reds win a tight ballgame in Oakland

Last night was a nice, smooth victory really. Bronson Arroyo had one of those nights where he just cruised. The offense pounded out 13 hits despite only scoring four runs. Bruce and Phillips have three a piece.
Remember when Dallas Braden was talking mad shit? Yeah, flash in the pan type talent in my opinion. This is a Reds team I expect to struggle with anyone of decent left-handed quality. Last night, they were making plenty of hard outs against Braden; or getting themselves out. The guy didn’t pitch all that poorly for someone who left as many 0-2 pitches as fat as he did.
The Reds are going for a sweep this afternoon. They remain one game behind the Cardinals who are playing really nice ball right now; shooting cripples like they should.
Find a way to get through this month without falling more then two games behind the Cardinals. Hell, it’d even be nice to gain a little ground. If you can head into the All-Star break with this still a two team race then we’ve at least got some fun baseball to watch in the second half. I believe the Reds right now are on pace for around 87 or 88 wins.
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