Marlins Fire Fredi Gonzalez

This morning, the Florida Marlins fired Fredi Gonzalez after a 34-36 start to the season. There’s already some speculation as to who should become the next manager of the fish. That said, this move is very surprising.

The Marlins have been playing better ball, recently beating up on the Tampa Bay Rays in two different series. Aside from that, does anyone really believe that the 2010 Marlins have that much better than .500 talent at this point?

Gonzalez will be a candidate to replace Bobby Cox in Atlanta, and there’s already plenty of speculation about it with the Braves GM Frank Wren citing that he won’t address it right now.

Aparently the termination of Gonzalez had nothing to do with differences between the manager the the team’s star player Hanley Ramirez. I believe there’s no way that’s true. Hanley helped run this guy out of town.

The Marlins aren’t much better then a 3rd or 4th place team. There’s baseball minds (albeit probably fewer then in most MLB front-offices) in that organization that know the talent level of this team and that Gonzalez wasn’t doing that poor of a job. Something stinks here slightly.

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