The Oakland Coliseum is Boring as Fuck!

I was thinking last night as I watched the Reds win a 6-4, 10-inning game in the Oakland Coliseum last night; I don’t think there is a more boring park in Major League Baseball!

Why is that? It’s as if your team is playing in Oakland, it’s a morgue. No one goes to the park. It’s always a low scoring ass game. The Oakland lineup hasn’t been entertaining in a long time. It’s just a bunch of guys comprised together.

It isn’t just my imagination. Oakland Coliseum has a park factor of .830 right now. That’s second to only Citi Field which is at .805 as the parks in baseball that favor pitchers most. It’s funny, because I feel the same way about Citi, too! It’s like a lost 3-game sluggish series every time you play there.

But for as long as I can remember (and yes I realize the Reds celebrated World Series glory out on that Oakland Coliseum grass many years ago), most games played there are just un-exciting pieces of 9-inning garbage. The crowd isn’t into it at all, it’s so quiet you can hear the trash blow across the field.

Just wanted to make the point that the Oakland Coliseum is boring and whenever I am watching a game played there, I struggle to stay interested. It’s not my imagination!