An Evan Longoria Dirt-Bag Story

Every once in a while, you hear a story about a ballplayer that just sounds true. It just fits. This one happens to be about the guy who we think will be the 2010 AL MVP.

I have to agree with the few posts on here. A girl friend and I did have the chance to meet him at the Wyvern in Punta Gorda where we were staying for vacation. It wasn’t the best experience. It was one night after a Rays game. My girlfriend, other guy friend, and I were at the bar on the roof of the hotel. Come to find out this is where he stayed during their training. We had heard of him but didn’t know really what he looked like or anything. We had heard people talking about some of the players at the bar. He approached both of us and asked if he could buy us a drink. We said of course. lol He asked if we knew who he was, we said no. After telling us he was Evan Longoria, we were a bit starstruck no lie. He didn’t really have too much to say and either did we. After a couple of rounds of drinks, he wanted us to join him in his room for “some fun”. We are not loose girls. We weren’t really into that. As soon as he realized we didn’t want to go back to his room, he made a comment like your loss not mine and totally changed the nice guy role into ignoring us. The only other thing we did notice throughout the night before hand was that he would do anything for the girls, but really did act like an asshole to our guy friend and said he couldn’t take a picture with him even though he did with other girls. It didn’t seem like he was very friendly and did act pretty arrogant during the short conversations we had. Take this for what it is. We really don’t care either way.
Yeah Longo. Get it.

All those with your Longoria hound-doggin’ stories, let loose in the comments!