It's a good time to be a Washington Nationals fan

This is one of those days when as a baseball fan, you really envy another organization. You envy it way more then signing that top prized free-agent. The Nationals have a chance at something very virgin, very sacred.
Last night, they snagged a guy in Bryce Harper #1 overall in the MLB draft who could end up as special as any player has in the past couple decades. Harper will play outfield, which I think is an excellent move to preserve a once in a lifetime bat.
Beyond that, tonight is the much awaited Stephen Strasburg debut.
I’ve been at the ballpark on some special landmark nights in the history of this game. I was at the park the night Ted Williams died. I’ll be at the stadium the day that Strasburg’s rocket is launched.
It will be fun to track the careers of these two youngsters on this blog, and the growth of the Nationals franchise over the next decade or so here on the blog.

Two stallions, released from the same stable to run wild in the old west territory. Nationals fans, congratulations on landing these two guys and the last couple days. It doesn’t get a whole lot better then this.