What should have been for Armando Galarraga

Another poor team falls prey to Jim Joyce’s fucktard-dom. We’ve told you before. Except when Joyce fucked our team, a perfect game wasn’t on the line.

I’ve heard people today say that Jim Joyce is a good umpire that made a bad call. Bullshit. This guy is brutal. The fact that I know who he is says he’s brutal. You don’t remember umpires that call a good game. That’s how you know they’re good. When I heard it was Joyce that fucked everything up last night at Comerica Park on the final call of the game–even my buddy Grady who is a Cleveland fan was pissed–I was hardly surprised. The guy is not only a poor umpire with shit for eyes, but he attempts to show up players all of the time. Well Jimmy, are you happy now you bald-headed prick? You’re the center of attention. Good for you, dickwad. Way to fuck up something that happens a couple times a century.

I don’t know what is such a tough call about all this.

You don’t have to bring instant replay or challenges into the game, but if a pitcher has a no-hitter or perfect game going after the six inning, why can’t out calls be reviewed? That is our standing on all of this.

And beyond that, why when the umpires huddled didn’t one of them step in and say “Uh, there’s kind of a little history going on here Jim. Slow up, here’s what I saw.”

Again, this is proof that Jim Joyce is a walking ball of shit.