Twitter Jim Day is in fact, THE real Jim Day

For all those scoundrels out there that have decided to heckle the bejesus out of our non-hetero post-game anchorman on twitter you’d better knock it off. First off, that’s our job. Second off, we’ve determined after intense and scrutinizing comparative data; JimDayTV is definitely THE REAL Jim Day!

If you venture to his website and read ‘About Jim’, you can find a biographical blurb written by old JD himself. He begins:

Jim Day began his professional career in 1988 when he was a punk college kid who wanted to jump-start his career early. The move paid off.

Despite working 50 hours a week and carrying a full load of classes his senior year, Jim managed to graduate (see cheating in the Dictionary).

LOLZ! I’ll tell you this Jim Day is a real kidder folks. Such a card! No one mixes in a little well-timed dental humor like our Reds-live postgame host!

It gets better

Day is a native of Westerville, Ohio and Westerville South High School. Having grown up a Reds and an Ohio State fan in Columbus, Jim feels he has the right to make pointed comments (see butt whipping above). Jim currently lives in a van down by the river.
To that, I’d say that I’m from the area. Nothing good has ever came out of Westerville, Ohio. Not Andy Katzenmoyer. Not Dan O’ Brien. And not Jim Day. And that last little line you dropped in there couldn’t have been less funny, JDPANTOFF.

So for you simpletons out there that would blame someone within our human race for creating a fake Jim Day twitter account, shame on you. Not only do tweets like this one (throws in that innocent, playful dental humor) prove it’s indeed the real fucking Jim Day; but who would ever wanna pretend to be this guy?

Like a commenter put it, he reminds you of someone who is paid to entertain an old folks home for an afternoon. Not mixing in playful puns and cheesy, rhyming word plays after your team loses a heartbreaking game.

Last night a friend called me to tell me that I missed a gem of a JD appearance on the pre-game show. Of course last night was “Bark at the Park” night at the ballpark. Aparently, (and I will need to see footage to confirm it true) Jimmy boy was interviewing dogs who were at the park. My buddy did an impression of JD interviewing “Jackson” the dog.

I usually wouldn’t believe it. It has to be one of my buddies fucking with me. However, this is the kind of technique and mic-antics that JD has displayed since 2000. Only guy in the room who thinks it’s funny.

If the Reds win the division they need to up the ante of not just the lineup and bullpen. Give Piecoro a raise and never let the Westerville grad near the television screen again.