Someone misplaced their nuts in the offseason

Nick Masset had the kind of year last year out of the pen setting up Coco that made us forget about trading a future Hall of Famer in Ken Griffey Jr. pretty quickly. Like, in a matter of seconds quickly. It looked like we had a future closer on our hands and a guy who would provide stability in the bullpen for years to come.

I was at a few games live and Masset’s 97 MPH fastball was on display along with a hammer of a curveball and a few other pitches he threw for strikes. Trust me, to say it was absolutely filthy wasn’t doing it justice.

This year, it’s another story. The guy is throwing balls down the middle of the plate and walking people in the most crucial of situations. He’s sporting a 32/13 K to BB ratio right now and has given up 28 hits and four home runs in 21 innings pitched.

It would appear to me that Dusty Baker is going to force-feed Masset to us in situations that the game is on the line. The hell with Arthur Rhodes allowing less growth on the basepaths then a drought produces, we’re gonna continue to let Masset be the set-up guy for Cordero.

Masset figures to have about 50 innings left to throw this season give or take if things go as they usually do. We need this guy to get it together and quickly. The biggest thing we see watching the games on an almost nightly basis is Masset is nibbling too damn much to the first hitter or two and then as soon as he gives up a hit he’s really nibbling.

Nick, find your sack again for us all and start retiring hitters. It’d be one thing if you didn’t have the stuff like Mike Lincoln. You’ve got Cy Young shit, son. Stop being a pussy and go right after the first hitter you face every inning with that fastball from Hell and fucking hammer 6-12 curve! Get it done!