Cat's out of the bag now, Mike

A couple of nights ago we attended the Reds/Mets game with our buddy who lives in Miami with his brother. He asked if I still write baseball on the Internet, and when I told him yes unfortunately, he replied with a nugget.
Turns out his brother is dating this girl whose mother throws parties for pro athletes. My buddy actually attended Sammy Sosa’s surprise birthday party and saw his pasty white skin pigment. I don’t know how this is considered much of a scoop, but I guess it revolves around a pretty good longtime player.
Anyways that lady who throws parties just booked a retirement party for Mike Lowell down in Miami at seasons end. So apparently this will be it for Lowell after 13 big league seasons in the sun. Why Miami? Well Lowell did spend 7 seasons there and had his best years there.
Boston fan, do with it what you will. Unless he gets dealt, he’s definitely not going out with a title!
  • Your a fucking moron

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