Throwing it around

Ugh, a case of the Mondays. We’re going to Great American Ball Park tomorrow night, so we’ll have some really good goodies for you to check out from the game. Other then that, it’s another really nice week weather-wise with some more shit on the weekends! I’m sick and tired of it! Brutal! You can’t be mad at Mother Nature though, can you? Anyways, here’s what we found read-worthy out there today. We’re only one set of eyes.

-Here’s why I thought the Rays on paper were a World Series contender from the beginning this year. [St. Petersburg Times]
-Johan Santana got those tits lit last night. [Seven Train to Shea]
-The fhackin’ Red Sawks were fhackin’ swept by Baltimore! [Extra Bases]
-A comprehensive review of the Atlanta Braves in April. [Capitol Avenue Club]
-A look at two Reds beloved third baseman: Scott Rolen and Chris Sabo. [Whack Reds]
-Reviewing the Reds in April. [Chris Sabo’s Goggles]
-Ubaldo Jimenez can jump to 6-0 tonight. [USA Today Daily Pitch]
-Worst movie deaths with a cameo shot of Nicky Santoro. Yes! [Deadspin]