Rays & Evan Longoria may be at their Zenith

Evan Longoria and the Rays showed that they are capable of winning another type of ballgame yesterday, as Zach Greinke struck out 8 hitters and stifled the Rays loaded lineup all afternoon long.
However, Greinke made one critical mistake. He let Evan Longoria, a guy we predicted would win the AL MVP this year get extended on one. That long ball accounted for the only run that would be scored in the ballgame. This kept the Rays from possibly getting swept at home, saved on a salvaged getaway day in a game by their young superstar.
The 2009 AL Cy Young Award winner, has now yielded just three runs over 22 innings in his last three starts, has a 2.27 ERA over his first six starts and is still without a win. The story here is not that Greinke could get 2010 Cy Young votes and still somehow go 0-18. It’s that people are missing out on the 2010 Rays.

There are a lot of old farts who aren’t coming out to see this 18-7 Rays team play. It’s just brutal on their part. These guys are the best team in baseball, and it’s honestly not even close. I think when it’s all said and done, they’ll be one of the best teams that we have seen in the past 20 years. There is no reason for this team to not sell out every ballgame.

I’m just pissed I don’t live within a state or two of Tampa or a weekend trip would be in order. That said, they’re making me wonder about MLB Extra Innings Package on satellite. I hate missing this team play on any given night.