Cause you are what you say you are, a superstar, have no fears

We’re now officially part of a real, live, big league winning streak. Can you believe it? We’ve gone from hopeless to somewhat relevancy all in a week’s time. It’s spanned now into three different cities. I’ve written about the Reds wins during every part of this winning streak, so of course I’m up early with a hangover and I’m doing my part to keep this thing going. We’re all responsible for doing our part to keep this thing going as long as possible.

First off, I want to say I am so extremely proud of this group. I am proud of Johnny Cueto, and I’m proud of guys like Jay Bruce and Johnny Gomes. I’m proud of every last one of those guys. Last night was one of those wins where we were out-manned and out-gunned but with a high degree of character, we were the better team despite probably being short on talent.

The Reds saw the rain coming and started a rally. It was against a guy who has been pretty good all season long in Brad Penny. The Reds just kept getting big hits. First it was Jay Bruce. Then it was Orlando Cabrera. Then Gomes singled in Bruce to take the lead.

I don’t know what it takes to win NL Player of the Week, but Jay Bruce added three more hits including a double and is reminding me a little bit of the Jay Bruce who came up in 2008. He’s hitting the ball inside, outside, high, low, and to all fields. He’s got to gain a fair amount of confidence through all this. Maybe we look back someday and this is the run that got Jay Bruce going as a big league player.

Johnny Cueto gutted it out. It’s good to see Cueto have a game like this. He went 5 innings and allowed only two runs on five hits, walking one and striking out three to earn his first win. Cueto is a guy I root for. He’s a guy I really want to emerge in this rotation. As I said before the game, how nice is it to run out Cueto as a fourth starter when in the past we’d be running out guys like Brandon Claussen or Jimmy Anderson in that spot? Cueto gives you a chance on most nights, and while he’s not an ace, he did what he had to do last night to best the other team’s #4 guy.

The Reds came out after a 2 hour and 30 minute delay and held the Cardinals scoreless for their remaining three at-bats to earn the win. Daniel Ray Herrera, Arthur Rhodes, Nick Masset, and Coco Cordero did exactly what they are here to do.

The Reds finish April 12-11. With the way they’ve looked at some points, we’ll take it. Just keep winning. However you have to do it, whatever you have to do; keep this going as long as possible Reds. Baseball season has been fun again.