Commenter offers his/her thoughts on Grady Sizemore

Remember when Grady Sizemore had the coffee-cup genitals bit? Well that’s been swept under the rug and has given way to the 2010 season, which has seen Grady start 13 for 68 (.191) with 0 HR and 7 RBI. People in Cleveland are seriously concerned about Sizemore on the field. Some people, like this commenter; believes he’s done:

If you only new what a lying, cheating piece of shit he really is. He cheated on binger the whole time they were together in ohio and arizona. Even passed girls back and forth with his own brother. Hes a lame excuse for a man and his career is done.Any dude tellin his girl hes goin to bed at 9pm to go sneak out and get random pussy is just that ,a pussy. Ans probably a walking std. Hes been caught,i cant believe she would show her face at a game of his..Hes a loser and always will be. respect yourself binger cause he definitly does not.

Personally we think he’ll regain form eventually. But aparently Mr. Squeaky clean has a blemish or two on the old image behind closed doors. Ah well, it happens. The bright lights and fast women have probably caught young Grady off guard and just like learning to lay off a breaking ball in the dirt; he’s probably learned his lesson in that department as well.

It’s all part of an education of being a big leaguer.