We have a job to do

Baseball fans, I’m putting you to task.
I want you to click here and vote 25 times for the 2010 All-Stars. I want you to vote for guys like Joey Votto, Scott Rolen, and Jay Bruce (Jason Heyward will be getting some votes from us as well). Vote for Brandon Phillips. Vote for Johnny Gomes for Gods sakes.
When you are finished I want you to make up a fake, horse-shit email account and I want you to vote 25 more times for the same guys. I want you to continue casting these fake ballots until you can’t click anymore.
When you’re done, congregate back here and let me know your tally in the comments section. How many votes did you pour in for our guys?
Also–don’t be one of those folks who tries to tell me about how so and so doesn’t deserve to go to the All-Star Game. If fans can nearly send David Bell of the 2001 Seattle Mariners to the All-Star game on internet vote alone; we can do the same thing.
  • VOTE for the 2010 All Star Game [MLB.com]
  • But these guys, for the most part, are stinking it up this year. Why should we reward them with a trip to the All-Star game for their sub-par play?

  • Because if not, we'll have to watch a bunch of Cardinals or a bunch of Phillies. Does that sound like fun to you? Now vote!

  • I have been a Reds fan since 1975 and I have to say that based on their efforts, the only Reds who deserve a vote are Joey Votto and Francisco Cordero.I can see voting at a later date when the rest of the team gets up to speed. But right now, Votto and Cordero are the only Reds that are voteworthy.