Heyward, Braves aren't short on drama in 4-3 win over Phils

We talked about it last night momentarily after it happened; but what it must be like to be an Atlanta Braves fan right now huh? Exciting would be putting it lightly. And for their efforts, the Braves are now tied for first place with the Phillies in the NL East. It is these kind of wins that can sneak a team into the playoffs on character and these kind of losses that can break a team’s back come October in the case of Philadelphia.
Philadelphia comes into the 9th inning at Turner Field leading 3-0 and the Braves are all but dead when Troy Glaus deposits a Ryan Madson fastball into the left field seats, but the Braves were still down one with two outs already recorded.
At this point, Ryan Madson would probably have rather seen anyone but Jason Heyward.
Heyward, as he pointed out; had seen a changeup in an outside spot of the plate earlier in the game so he aparently was looking changeup. He got it and hooked a lazer into the right center field seats to send the game to the 10th inning.
Nate Mclouth provided the Braves with the rest of the drama in the 10th.
Heyward has 16 RBI through his first 13 games, the best start by a rookie in that category since a guy named J.T. Snow.
This hot run of heroics Heyward has been on may not continue, but you have to love the sport for the way it makes certain players and teams kings for a while; even if it’s not your team. We’re happy for Heyward. He’s a good sheppard for the stardom.