So Jay Bruce’s first homer was FOUL.

Last night Jay Bruce hit a home run off Nate Robertson only to see it be overturned by instant replay five minutes later.

I was pissed. And even if it was foul, damn did I need that home run to stand. And Jay needed it too. Although he ran the count full and then singled, it was another long night for Jay that was followed with four unproductive at-bats and ended with 6 runners left on base.

Jay seems snake-bitten so far, and this is the case of more rotten luck. Later in the game, he got rung up for strike three on a pitch that was about 3 FEET off of the plate. He’s having good at-bats, and there’s nothing he can do in situations like that.

I don’t know when or if Jay comes out of this. I don’t know how this little story ends. But I know one thing: we’re rolling with our dude til the end. Not only do we believe in him, but we think back to his past successes that he had when he entered the big leagues two summers ago and realize how easy it really would be for him to terrorize the league once again with his bat.

In situations in my life where I’ve struggled to succeed at times, I’ve often thought back on past successes to help draw me out of that assumed contstraint I’m feeling. If we could tell Jay one thing right now, it would to let his past successes in this great game serve as a reminder and source of confidence of how good he can be and to continue keeping things as simple as possible with his approach. Everything is going to be fine for this kid, I truly believe that.

Besides, he’s the Godfather of Diamond Hoggers. What could be better then that?