Reds gut out 10 inning Florida win to get over .500

Reds exercise the Florida demons
It seemed like last it was going to be another Florida heartbreaker. The Reds finally win a tight ballgame in South Florida. Props to Nick Masset for throwing three big strikes in a row in the bottom of the 9th with the bases loaded to get out of a jam. I swear I thought he was going to blow it there.
Scott Rolen
No one had a better night at the plate then the veteran, and while most will talk about Rolen’s 2nd and 3rd home runs of the season; I was most impressed by the at-bats after the home runs. Rolen had a tought at-bat to move Brandon Phillips over to third base, and the game-winning hit of course in the top of the 10th going the other way just over the glove of Dan Uggla.
Jay Bruce snaps his funk
Jay Bruce added a few line drives and went 2 for 4 with a walk and a double. Hopefully this is something that continues but I’d like to point out that Jay Bruce has hit more line drives this season then anyone in the lineup, even Joey Votto. It’s just a matter of them finding green. Last night, they did. Although he had a terrible at-bat against Burke Badenhop that resulted in a strikeout, he drew a walk against a lefty and had a few more knocks. Still stuck on zero homers though.
Hat tip: Deadspin

Funny moments via Bruce & Thom Brennaman
Did anyone else hear Thom on the hot mic when Mike Lincoln entered the ballgame? It was something to the affect of “well this game is about to go into the toilet”. My thoughts exactly. That’s why you have to love Thom.
As for Bruce, above is what he has to say to his slump and his teammates that were probably giving him some shit about it. Good for you Jay.
Reds going for a winning streak
They’ve won two in a row. They’re in sole possesion second place behind the Cardinals. It’s early but it would be nice to begin building a nice pile of games above .500, especially against a team like Florida who has been tough thus far this season.