Bunny & Gomes save Reds from extra-innings and being swept

Just as I told you all, the Cincinnati Reds once again get their first win of the season in the third game of the year. And just as I said, Bunny Arroyo was the key to the victory.
Bunny Arroyo’s14 straight quality starts are the most by a Reds pitcher since Jose Rijo in 1993. This guy is earning his paycheck. I’ve not always been sold on Arroyo. I’ve not always thought keeping him around was a great move. The bottom line is that he’s developed into our ace and he isn’t without his flaws but he’s as close as we have to a ‘stopper’ in our rotation. I’d like to know some splits but I’d be surprised if this recent run of success isn’t the finest run he’s ever had in his career. When you’re getting the best baseball out of an entire guy’s career for your team over a half season +, sometimes you just have to appreciate it. The shame is, he might be hurt.
Jonny Gomes
How’d you guys like when he fucked the shit out of that Jason Motte fastball to win the game yesterday? Got every piece of it and he knew it. Nothing like seeing the Reds celebrate a walk-off win is there? I still think the whole celebration at home plate thing was invented by the Reds. Beyond that, it’s just huge that Gomes hits that ball out and saves the Reds from going to extra innings and probably getting swept. He saved the bullpen for the weekend series. Big, big hit for Gomes who could end up being a fiery leader for these guys if he keeps it up. He’s scrappy, and he should be out there 75% of the time. Let Stubbs and Gomes play the majority of the time. Chris Dickerson is awful at the beginning of the season it seems.
Which brings us to
Jay Bruce. It’s only been three games, but he’s 1 for 12. Would be nice to see him gain some confidence at the plate and have a few multi-hit ballgames here soon. This is no big deal, but if it drags out another week or so you can count on Dusty to start doing weird fucking shit to Bruce like ‘sitting him aside for talks’ or hitting him 7th in the lineup, or telling him not to come to the park, or telling him to buy a fish as a pet. It truly is not a big deal, but this is how slumps take on a life of their own. The media, the managers, and fans start to over-react. It’s easy to do. Serving up a shitburger to some Chicago Cubs pitching would be just what the doctor ordered for the guy they call The Deal.
That’s all I’ve got for today, really I have to get to work at my real job. Who am I kidding? Homer Bailey is throwing tonight against the Cubs and I’m looking forward to seeing what he’s got.