Attention, this is your captain speaking

Maybe you haven’t gotten to know your head editor of Diamond Hoggers well enough yet. Maybe you just want to hear some quality baseball talk with a lot of Reds content. Maybe you’re bored at work and want to hear a great interview. If these things are true, head over to Whack Reds and listen to the interview I had yesterday with their head guy Mike.
Mike did a great job and we get into 14 questions (honoring Peter Edward Rose) that really touch on a variety of things: Jay Bruce, Aroldis Chapman, MLB, our site, the 2010 season, and so on.
Whack Reds really did their homework and gave my a bunch of questions right in my wheelhouse. It’s a great listen and I hope to do it again sometime. Check out their site each day for the best reads on the internet about the Reds and other relevant baseball information.