Oh Doc, when will it be that you find whatever it is you’re searching for?

If you haven’t yet heard, Doc Gooden is at it again. This time he’s been charged with DUI and child endangerment.

According to police in Franklin Lakes, N.J and as first reported on Deadspin, Gooden has been charged with driving under the influence of unnamed drugs, leaving the scene of an accident and child endangerment after a two-car crash on Tuesday morning.
For good measure, he’s also being charged with “failure to notify change of address regarding driver’s license.”

Damn, Doc. I hate to see this as for some odd reason I feel badly for Gooden. I feel like he’s a guy who obviously is past the point of being able to keep his nose clean and stay out of trouble.

In recent years, Darryl Strawberry’s life has taken a turn for the better. Darryl’s book was a life altering read for me. I wish that somehow, Gooden could find a way to rise above his demons and live out the rest of his life in a respectful manner.

Jeff Pearlman feels similarly; although I do not know Doc Gooden I truly feel for him. I know what addiction is like.