Throwing it around

Today is the day March Madness begins! It should be a great sports weekend. With the woman out of town this week, there will be time to really dig into the season previews, fantasy drafts, video games, and of course the NCAA tournament. We really are in the home stretch now.

-Elijah Dukes was cut from the Washington Nationals without a whole lot of reason. [Nationals Journal]
-More on Ron Washington and the blackmail that came with his cocaine usage. [Dallas Morning News]
-The Indians failed pursuit of Tim Lincecum in 2005 didn’t please MLB officials at the time. [Cleveland Plain Dealer]
-Aroldis Chapman was great again in his first exhibition start. []
-Buster Posey might be the Giants 1st baseman this year. [Hardball Talk]
-They’re comparing Wily Mo Pena with Juan Francisco. [Redleg Nation]
-Meet the MLBTR writing team. [MLB Trade Rumors]
-How’d you celebrate St. Patties day? Here’s how it was done around baseball. [Big League Stew]