Throwing it around

Getting set to do The Baseball Show by Diamond Hoggers but thought we’d drop a few links on you. Are you ready for conference tournament weekend? It’s going to be a good couple of weeks of sports leading up to the holy grail that is MLB Opening Day. Here’s the links y’all:

-The Sporting News doesn’t give the Reds high grades in their season preview. [Sporting News]
-Jose Reyes will miss 2-8 weeks with a hypothyroid condition. [
Daily Pitch]
-Brian Giles calls it a career after 15 seasons. [
-Surprise here, Yankees are the frontrunner for Cuban shortstop phenom. [
-The Twins are mentioned trading Joe Mauer, might as well sell the franchise. [
-The Blue Jays are getting a new pitcher. [
Bugs & Cranks]
-The Reds took another Cactus League game today. [
Red Reporter]
-A baseball fan can’t read enough Hal Mccoy. [
The Real Mccoy]
-Todd Helton got a contract extension, and will probably be a Rockie for life. [
Baseball Musings]
-Nice write up on the Reds here. [MLB Fanhouse]
-And a Reds season Primer [MLB Fanhouse]
-Lastly, some fantasy baseball league talk from the bunch of dicks who write for Walkoff Walk. [Walkoff Walk]