'Scout X' is not unlike so many other ESPN butt-plugs

ESPN’s Gene Wojciechowski had a pretty interesting read for those of you who enjoy hearing scout talk. It’s the stuff I look for and live for. There used to be segments of it sprinkled within every Sports Illustrated Baseball Preview edition, and in my opinion it was the best part of the entire issue.
I like hearing what guys inside the game have to say about anyone and everyone. When they’re shooting on the talent and being good and honest. That’s when you hear first that this guy is fading or this prospect isn’t all he’s cracked up to be.
That is, when they talk about anyone and everyone and not just the mainstream MLB teams.
‘Scout X’ is a scout that knows more then you or I about baseball. Being that he’s all-knowing, he’s also off the record. He then proceeds to talk about the usual ESPN circle-jerk teams. Yankees, Red Sox, Angels, Dodgers, Cardinals, Cubs, Phillies, and even throws the New York Mets into the mix with some commentary. He keeps himself honest by mentioning the Rays and Giants of the mid-market, but that’s probably only because of guys like Longoria, Cain, and Lincecum and the fact if anyone is going to surprise ESPN has it in their mind it’s going to be one of these two sweetheart darkhorses.
Scout X doesn’t say shit about the Reds or Indians. The biggest compliment we gained was that we’re better then the Pirates; like everyone else in our division.
I think the Cardinals win the NL Central.
I think the Cubs have a chance in that division. They’ve got some underachieving guys who have had great years in the past. I think anything’s possible in that division, except with the Pirates, who have no chance.
Way to f’ing go, Scout X. Way to really go out on a limb, as you did with all of your insight in this article; basically predicting the same playoff field from last year to chalk. For all of your wisdom that you’ve gained in all those years and all those moments of ‘forgetting more baseball then I will ever know’ you basically went and talked about all the shit everyone knows.
I got news for you. The Cubs aren’t finishing second in the NL Central this year and if Milwaukee is worth a damn the Cubs will finish fourth. Take it to the bank. The Reds will finish ahead of the Cubs and that isn’t just a homer talking. That’s a baseball fan.
It would have been nice to get Scout X’s supreme knowledge on some lesser-known talent around the league. While he gave us a paragraph on Kung-Fu Panda Pablo Sandoval (who is blowing up pretty quickly in baseball circles) he basically goes on to talk about the same fucking guys everyone else on ‘The Network’ does. Manny, Joba, A-Rod, Pujols, Mauer, Lincecum, The Red Sox rotation, Halladay, Zambrano, blah blah blah.
I combed through the entire article just hoping for him to tell me something I truly couldn’t have already figured. He failed miserably in that department.
I can’t believe that Scout X suffered through an entire article without polishing off Chase Utley’s knob or slipping out a few Ryan Howard compliments (I just double checked to make sure, I’m in disbelief).
Still a decent read for sure, but it points out the problem that I have with ESPN; and why I hope that my cable package someday adds MLB Network. Talk about all of the teams. Talk about them equally. Don’t let the same 8 monopolize ESPN’s articles.
No worries. Leave getting your insights on baseball to blogs like this one. We may not have a lifetime of being a big league scout to boast about; but at least we’ll talk about all of MLB and go out on a limb every once in a while. Just wait until you see our predictions for this year.
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